My first book, Tasting Dirt: When You’re Disappointed with God is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions.
Order a copy for yourself, or as a gift for someone you know who is struggling with disappointment today!

Read more about Tasting Dirt below –

You prayed for healing, but nothing happened. You obeyed God, but you got rejected instead of rewarded. You expected to taste God’s blessings, but all you can taste today is dirt. You were sure God loved you, but now…now you’re afraid he’s abandoned you. How do you keep living your faith when God doesn’t answer your prayers? If you’re tired of people throwing cliché Bible verses at you because they’re scared of your pain… If you’re hungry for empathy, honesty, vulnerability, and to believe that you won’t feel like this forever… If you want to know how someone else managed to survive disappointment and come out closer to God instead of abandoning their faith… Then join Sara as she boldly shares her story of disappointment, searches the Bible for examples from the lives of others who’ve been disappointed by God, and learns to taste something other than dirt.

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